Frances Pinnock

Frances Pinnock – shoemaker

Winner of the 2017 HCA/NADFAS Heritage Crafts Bursary Frances Pinnock has received HCA/NADFAS Heritage Crafts Bursary of over £4,000 to train with cordwainers Carréducker and pattern cutter Fiona Campbell, as well as equipment...

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Joe Fredericks

Joe Fredericks – wheelwright

Winner of the 2016 David Bell Memorial Fund Award Wheelwright Joe Fredericks received the David Bell Memorial Fund Award. After studying engineering, Joe secured an apprenticeship to develop his knowledge and skills of...

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Coralie Chung

Coralie Chung – side saddle maker

Winner of the 2016 HCA/QEST Training Bursary Saddler and side saddle specialist Coralie Chung was awarded an HCA/QEST Training Bursary. Coralie runs her own business as an early-career saddler and harness maker carrying...

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John Cowan

John Cowan, Julie Livesey and Emma Purcell – basketmakers

Winners of the 2016 HCA/NADFAS Heritage Crafts Bursary Basketmakers John Cowan, Julie Livesey and Emma Purcell each received an HCA/NADFAS Heritage Crafts Bursary. All three are established basketmakers and plan to use the...

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Priscilla McGirr

Priscilla McGirr – Alford Craft Market

Winner of the 2016 HCA/Marsh Volunteer Award Priscilla McGirr was awarded the Marsh Volunteer of the Year. As chair of Alford Craft Market, Priscilla has led and organised a variety of events to...

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Jason Collingwood

Jason Collingwood – weaver

Winner of the 2016 HCA/Marsh Trainer Award Weaver Jason Collingwood was awarded the Marsh Trainer of the Year. Jason was taught to weave by his father and, in 1986, set up his own...

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Allan Shiers

Allan Shiers – harp maker

Winner of the 2016 HCA Maker of the Year Master harp maker Allan Shiers, of Telynau Teifi, was awarded the HCA Maker of the Year. Since completing a five-year apprenticeship in 1978, Allan...

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Shane and Jacqueline Skelton

Shane and Jacqueline Skelton – Skelton Saws

Winner of the 2016 HCA/Marsh Made in Britain Award Skelton Saws are this years winners of the Made in Britain Award. Inspired by the master saw makers of the 18th century, Shane and Jacqueline...

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Bethan Horn

Bethan Horn – shoemaker

Winner of the HCA/QEST Training Bursary Bethan studied footwear at university and is passionate about forging a career in the handmade, bespoke market. She believes that an apprenticeship would give her the knowledge,...

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Luke Batchelor

Luke Batchelor – letter carver

Winner of the 2015 HCA/NADFAS Heritage Crafts Bursary With a background in stone conservation, Luke is currently completing a placement to learn letter carving at the Colin Braid Stone Workshop. Luke plans to...

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Jean Leader

Jean Leader – The Lace Guild

Winner of the 2015 HCA/Marsh Volunteer Award Jean has a formidable background in the lace craft, including (and this only scrapes the surface) an active member of Glasgow Lace Group, editor of the...

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Mary English

Mary English – Ceramicist

Winner of the 2015 HCA/Marsh Trainer Award Mary has been working in ceramics for 25 years, in particular the ancient process of pit-firing. She is especially interested in the links between history, art,...

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Charlie and Dawn Trevor

Charlie Trevor – Equus Leather

Winner of the 2015 HCA/Marsh Made in Britain Award Equus Leather was born from a desire to introduce quality and craftsmanship into leather goods. Charlie’s background is in saddlery and this gave him...

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Owen Morse Brown

Owen Morse Brown – hat block maker

Winner of the 2015 HCA Maker of the Year Owen took over his father’s hat block making business in 2008. He enjoys “learning and discovering traditional ways of working, with a heart to...

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Isatu Hyde

Isatu Hyde – potter

Winner of the 2014 HCA/QEST Training Bursary Isatu’s dissertation at Falmouth University was on the working ideals of craftsmanship and how they encourage sustainable design, so her focus has been on craft for...

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Kate Barlow

Kate Barlow – embroiderer

Winner of the 2014 HCA/NADFAS Heritage Crafts Bursary Kate has a background in theatre costume and was taught hand embroidery by her grandmother. She heard of the Future Tutors programme at the Royal...

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Brian Boorman

Brian ‘Sixer’ Boorman – Faversham Creek Trust

Winner of the 2014 HCA/Marsh Volunteer Award It was thought when Standard Quay closed that boat building and restoration would cease at Faversham. However, the gas purifier building, on the opposite bank, was...

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Wendy Shorter

Wendy Shorter – upholsterer

Winner of the 2014 HCA/Marsh Trainer Award Wendy runs the largest independent soft furnishing and upholstery centre in the country, and almost 400 students have been taught a range of accredited and non-accredited...

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Yvette Jelfs

Yvette Jelfs – hatmaker

Winner of the 2014 HCA/Marsh ‘Made in Britain’ Award Yvette was called ‘an ambassador of hat making’ by her proposer. She specialises in hand blocking and hat making, and is based in the...

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Colin Henwood

Colin Henwood – boatbuilder

Winner of the 2014 HCA Maker of the Year Award Colin has been building traditional boats for over 35 years and set up his own boat building business on the Thames in 1982....

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Alexandra James

Alexandra James – basketmaker

Winner of the 2012 HCA/NADFAS Heritage Crafts Bursary In 2012, over £4,000 was awarded to Alexandra James, to learn further skills in basketry. It was a difficult decision as many of the short...

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Angela Brown

Angela Brown – the Lace Society

Winner of the 2013 Marsh Heritage Crafts Volunteer Award As Chair of the Lace Society, Angela pulled the Society round from a low point when the founder had died. She saved the Society...

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Cameron Maxfield

Cameron Maxfield – silversmith

Winner of the 2013 Marsh Heritage Crafts Trainer Award Cameron Maxfield (Max) was tutored by the late David Mellor, renowned around the world for his contemporary cutlery design. Cameron attended the Royal College...

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James Portus

James Portus – Fishstock Brixham

Winner of the 2012 Marsh Heritage Crafts Volunteer Award Jim Portus is the organiser, creative director and driving force behind Fishstock Brixham. Fishstock is a one day event, that requires a great deal...

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Wayne Parrott

Wayne Parrott – hand engraver

Winner of the 2012 Marsh Heritage Crafts Trainer Award Wayne studied engraving at evening courses when he was 14 and then at the John Cass at 18, gaining a diploma. He was then...

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