Alex Langlands

Alex LanglandsPatron of the Heritage Crafts Association, Archaeologist and star of ‘The Victorian Farm’ , ‘The Edwardian Farm’ , ‘The Wartime Farm’ and ‘Tales from the Green Valley’

‘The Victorian Farm’, which aired in January 2009, followed Alex and team for a full calender year exploring rural life in the Victorian era. The follow up ‘Edwardian Farm’ saw Alex rick building, tanning, barrel making, lobster-pot making, hedging and forging a Devon-style bill hook. Most recently Alex has completed the series with ‘Wartime Farm’.

Currently studying for a PhD, Alex has worked on archaeological sites throughout Europe, has a keen interest in rural crafts and runs a number of archaeology and local history courses, and due to his desire to safeguard traditional craft skills, Alex has become a patron of the Heritage Crafts Association.

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