Woodworker of the Year deadline:
2 Sept 2022

Message from HRH
The Prince of Wales

As President of the Heritage Crafts Association, I am delighted to endorse this new awards scheme, which supports and rewards excellence in the heritage craft sector….” Read more
Award partners

The Heritage Crafts Awards

Heritage Crafts set up the prestigious Heritage Crafts Awards in 2012. We are indebted to our generous partner organisations for providing funding to allow us to present a unique suite of awards and bursaries specifically for traditional crafts. We are so grateful for this generous support.

The Heritage Crafts Awards celebrate and highlight the traditional living crafts made in the UK that contribute to our national heritage, such as weaving, wood turning, basket making, furniture making and upholstery, shoe making, metal, stone and clay crafts, textile crafts such as weaving, embroidery, knitting and lace making, the lettering crafts, boat building and similar other crafts where there is a significant degree of hand skill at the point of manufacture.

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