Axminster Tools Woodworker of the Year Award

Woodworker of the Year
(Axminster Tools)

This Heritage Crafts Award, now in its second year, is to celebrate a heritage craftsperson who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of woodworking over the past year. It will recognise a contribution that is far beyond the ordinary, based on a proven dedication to a particular woodworking skill.

As well as woodworking itself, this award is open to practitioners of any craft that uses wood as its primary material, including for example wheelwrighting, boatbuilding, timber framing, marquetry, guitar making etc. To be eligible, the objects that the nominee makes must be made primarily of wood that has been worked using skilled hand techniques. Makers of composite objects are eligible as long as over half the material used is worked wood.

Anyone, including the maker themselves, can nominate for this award. Nominees aged 25 and under will also be considered for the inaugural Young Woodworker of the Year Award. Finalists will be expected to attend the high-profile Winners’ Reception at the Vicar’s Hall, Windsor Castle on 15 November 2023.

Opening date for applications: Monday 17 July 2022
Closing date for applications: Friday 15 September 2022, 5pm

To apply
Read the application notes and then apply online

Global suppliers of woodworking tools and machinery, Axminster Tools has spent 50 years building their family business into the renowned organisation it is today. Working together with makers and creators at all levels, from trade professionals through to craft enthusiasts, their commitment to supporting woodworking skills fits perfectly with the ethos of Heritage Crafts.

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