Young Weaver of the Year Award

Young Weaver of the Year
(Rose Uniacke)

Heritage Crafts aims to ensure that traditional craft skills are passed to the next generation: to provide fulfilling livelihoods rooted in the human desire to make; as the building blocks of a more sustainable economy; and to better equip young people to tackle the unknown challenges of the future. For this to become a reality it is vital to celebrate the young people who are embracing craft skills today, already demonstrating excellence and becoming the role models of the future.

This Heritage Crafts Award, sponsored by Rose Uniacke, is to celebrate a young heritage craftsperson aged 25 or under who has made an outstanding start to their textiles weaving career. The award winner will be highly skilled amongst their peers, whilst raising the perceived value of their craft through sharing and awareness raising. They will have given themselves a fantastic chance of achieving long-term success, perhaps overcoming disadvantage or setbacks along the way.

Anyone, including the maker themselves, can nominate for this award. Winners will be expected to attend the high-profile Winners’ Reception at the Vicar’s Hall, Windsor Castle on 15 November 2023.

If you are not 25 or under, please consider applying for one of our other awards, including Maker of the Year, Trainer of the Year and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Opening date for applications: Wednesday 1 March 2023
Closing date for applications: Friday 19 May 2023, 5pm

To apply
Read the application notes and then apply online

Rose Uniacke is an architectural and interior designer, antiques dealer and furniture designer who has garnered a world-class reputation for her signature aesthetic that is unrivalled in its quiet simplicity, sensitivity, and sophistication. A master of space and light, Uniacke restores, remodels and restructures rooms and buildings, often stripping a structure back to its bare bones, balancing texture, scale, and proportion for an inimitable level of refinement. From concept to completion, Uniacke works closely with skilled craftspeople to ensure a space is as inviting as it is functional, combining a richness of character, with warmth, serenity, and timeless elegance.


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