Marsh Heritage Crafts ‘Made in Britain’ Award

HCA/Marsh Made in Britain
Celebrating craft production in the UK

£1,000 (Marsh Christian Trust)

We seem to be almost inundated with cheap imported goods from abroad, yet there are still individual craftspeople and small manufacturers who are making great quality British work against all the odds. This Heritage Crafts Award is for those who are flying the flag of British craft and making a success of it. It could be an individual heritage craftsperson, a small company or a specialist manufacturer. There must be significant hand-skilled work involved in the making of the craft. The aim is to celebrate all that is best about our living heritage as shown in craft. Priority will be given to businesses that easily could outsource production or relocate outside of Britain, but have chosen not to.

Nominations for the award can come from someone associated with the business (e.g. director, manager or employee), supplier, or customer. All finalists will be invited to the HCA’s Awards Ceremony at the Houses of Parliament in Autumn 2020 on Tuesday 17 November 2020, 4pm to 6pm, and are expected to attend.

Opening date for applications: Saturday 1 February 2020
Closing date for applications: Friday 1 May 2020, 5pm

To apply
Read the application notes and then download an application form

The Marsh Christian Trust, as part of their commitment to grassroots recognition, is working in partnership with the HCA in support of the challenges facing those making good quality heritage craft in the UK today.

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